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feb 20th







ARIES- You may not like making sacrifices but deep down you know that something has to go. This is the ideal time for a clear-out, be it physical, mental or emotional, so get out your broom and sweep those cobwebs away.

TAURUS- Challenges of one kind or another have been met and overcome, and now you know you can compete on equal terms your confidence will soar. Today, however, you need to cooperate a bit more and compete a bit less.

GEMINI- This is a good time to extend your education in some way. If there is a particular topic that intrigues you then find out all you can about it. What you learn will be useful to you in the months ahead.

CANCER-  The Sun in sympathetic Pisces encourages you to look further afield for the answers you seek. In some way or other you will be on the move today - and you'll discover things that few people know about.

LEO- Don't gamble with what you own and earn. You may be tempted to take some kind of financial risk, with the promise of big rewards if it goes the right way, but what if it doesn't? You cannot afford to take the chance.

Virgo- Friends will do anything for you today - all you have to do is ask. But before you do bear in mind that you should not take their goodwill for granted. The best friend is the one who doesn't expect too much.

LIBRA- A certain task that looked so difficult a short while ago now looks incredibly easy. So what are you waiting for? Get on with it. You may surprise yourself how easily you make a success of it.

SCORPIO- The Sun in your fellow Water sign of Pisces not only fills your heart with joy but fills your mind with all sorts of creative ideas. What you do next is up to you but do something - and make it amazing.

SAGITTARIUS- It may seem as if the world is against you but it's not remotely true. In fact you have friends in all directions, if you would only care to look on the bright side and stop entertaining such negative thoughts

CAPRICORN- It is important that you know who among your friends and relatives can be trusted because if you confide in the wrong person today the results could be disastrous. But confide you must - don't keep your feelings to yourself.

AQUARIUS- An issue that has been causing you sleepless nights will resolve itself over the next 24 hours, much to your relief. Next time, try not to take this kind of situation so seriously. Time heals all hurts, be they real or imagined.

PISCES- You know what needs to be done today, so get on and do it. The earlier you get busy the quicker you will get through your chores and the more time you will have to do fun things with others this evening.