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Horoscopes for February 7th






ARIES- Your amazing energy can help you make even the most mundane tasks — like making lunch — exciting thrillrides! Kick things up a notch and see what comes next. It’s sure to be a blast!

TAURUS- You and a friend or colleague are struggling over something kind of stupid — but not something you can drop! It may take all day to reach an agreement, and it may take outside mediation

GEMINI- Your intellect is penetrating and insightful today, and you may find that you are better able to get your way if you think things through first. In fact, you may find that a little mental effort is all you need!

CANCER- Think about the future — things need to happen, and you need to make them happen. In fact, if you do nothing today, you may find that the next few weeks are harder than they would have been otherwise.

LEO- You feel radiant and bright — so much so that you’re not sure what to make of any darkness around you. Surly kids, tired coworkers or depressed friends can’t help but feel better around you, though

VIRGO- You can’t help but feel bad when you see that distraught friend or hungry homeless person, and your personal energy is attuned to helping out today. Make the most of it and make the worldbetter

LIBRA- Avoid the details of today’s big business — you know what’s what, and you should be able to handle anything that pops up between now and the end of the day. The big picture is where it’s at!

SCORPIO- Try to step up and pay close attention to your own actions today — you know you’re a bit scattered, but things could get pretty dire if you don’t find a way to regulate your behavior in some way

SAGITTARIUS- You need to accept that you’re in the right place at the right time. Sure, there’s some definite skill involved in your success, but your great energy and chance circumstances contribute quite a bit!

CAPRICORN- Try not to worry too much about any domestic problems today — you’ve got to make sure that you’re dealing with issues that are work-related, even if they seem trivial at first. They get bigger as the day passes

AQUARIUS- You and your big ideas! You need to experiment somewhat to see if things can work out the way you want them to, but you’re a natural when it comes to trial and error. Invent something great!

PISCES- Try hard to keep your attention focused on today’s big project, even if it feels like you’re spinning out of control. That just means that you need to deal with things even more directly.