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Horoscopes for February 8th






ARIES- Your daring side is you in force today, and you may find that you need to push for something bigger, better and bolder. If your people can’t get behind it, then you need to step up and push harder.

TAURUS- Relaxand let go today — of all things, including ego, power and control. You may find that your energy is best spent on things that didn’t seem to matter all that much to you a few days ago

GEMINI- Your debating skills are honed today, though you may not want to deploy them unless things start to get rough. Your opinions are clear, and others should know just where you stand on any issue

CANCER- You are showing off a little and finding new ways to impress your people. You may find that your new crush (or long-term squeeze) looks at you in a new way when all is said and done.

LEO- You are at your peak today, so make sure that you get to work on something that means a lot to you. Alternately, you could kick back and relax— quit while you’re ahead! The good energy stays, no matter what you do

VIRGO- You may feel like an underdog today, but there are plenty of others who share that feeling, so band together and see if you can jointly get something good done to reverse that trend

LIBRA- You need to get with your friends today — they’ve got almost everything you need to succeed, and they are sure to help out as soon as you ask. It’s a great time for collaboration!

SCORPIO- You’re facing a big challenge right now, so see if you can make yourself focus. When you’re fully engaged, nothing can compete, but if you have to multi-task, things might start to go south quickly

SAGITTARIUS- Your natural advantages are shining today, so make the most of them! Don’t worry about playing fair, as you can tell that your energy is just outmatching the competition, no matter what

CAPRICORN- You can’t quite trust your instincts today — people are hiding their true motivations, and some may even be concealing their identities! That just means that you’ve got to deal with what you’re sure that you know.

AQUARIUS- Your energy is stretched out pretty tightly today, making things seem like they’re more important than they really are. Still, it’s fun, and you might be able to convince someone you’re right!

PISCES- You’ve got a serious fantasy life, and on a day like today, it may start to take over. See if you can get your people to give you the space you need to dream yourself into a better life.