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Horoscopes for February 9th





ARIES- Try to slow down and think everything through today — one step at a time. Your energy is just right for making sure that you are well set up to make your move in a few days, but not ’til then.

TAURUS- Your amazing energy is making you more attractive — to potential mates, employers and even new friends. Work what you’ve got and make sure to leave folks wondering what more there is to you.

GEMINI- Try to reach out to someone new today — they need the attention, and you need the novelty. It’s a really good timefor you to meet people, even online, and to build up that network

CANCER- You can make yourself plain easily today — people are just communicating on your wavelength, and your grounded self-confidence helps you make the most of your good fortune

LEO- You just aren’t up to your usual hijinks today — you may need to let someone else take the spotlight for the time being. See if you can get them to ask out that hottie for you, too!

VIRGO- You have to start up new stuff today — there’s just no other way to use this great energy! That’s not to say you can’t finish anything up, but make sure to try at least one bold new move, too.

LIBRA- You aren’t at your best right now, but you can still make the most of the day in a simple way: Do nothing! Just call in sick, stay in bed and read, or do whatever brand of nothing suits you best.

SCORPIO- You’ve got a secret, and you’re feeling the urge to blab it. Of course, that’s your right — but doesn’t it feel better to hang onto it and let it grow inside you? Use this good energy for good works.

SAGITTARIUS- Though everyone nearby is driving you totally nuts, you need to avoid the impulse to let them have it in return. At least half the problem is in your mismatched energies, and that can’t be remedied yet.

CAPRICORN- New info comes your way early today — make the most of it and you could be in a great position by the time this evening rolls in! Your great personal energy grounds you and helps you see clearly.

AQUARIUS- our social interactions need to be a little more circumspect than usual, because your energy is a little out of sync with the rest of the world. As long as you’re cautious, you should be fine.

PISCES- Do you know who’s really on your side? Now is the time to find out, or at least to speculate. Things are likely to get weird before they make sense, but you can figure it all out.