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Feb 26th







ARIES- If you have the slightest doubts about a person's honesty then don't take any risks. With retrograde Mercury impacting your ruler Mars today there are sound astrological reasons why you cannot afford to be reckless

TAURUS- Stick to methods and routines you are familiar with and make sure you focus on one thing at a time. Let other people worry about the bigger picture: your talent is making sense of all the little details.

GEMINI- If you believe you are destined for bigger and better things then now is the time to get serious about making a name for yourself. Firstly, clarify your aims: the simpler your objectives the easier they will be to reach.

CANCER- If you still can't get someone to tell you what you want to know then why not adopt a more agreeable manner and hope they open up later on? Chances are you have been a bit too forceful for your own good.

LEO- Someone may be spoiling for a fight but if you are smart you will stay out of their way. Most likely they are all talk and no action but, who knows, maybe they really do want a showdown

VIRGO- You won't be very communicative today. It seems you have important things on your mind, things you need to consider carefully before reaching a decision. If others want to talk, let them talk among themselves.

LIBRA- You appear to have lost enthusiasm for something you once had high hopes for. That's okay, people change as time goes on and there is no need to feel guilty about it. You don't have to finish every job you start.

SCORPIO- It may annoy you that you are being held back from something but there is a good cosmic reason for it. Mercury retrograde means that a number of things won't make much sense, at least not until later.

SAGITTARIUS- Take it easy today. If you charge into situations blindly you are likely to mess things up, and maybe make a few enemies in the process. A more laidback approach now will pay dividends throughout the week.

CAPRICORN- Don't give in to pressure and don't let anyone divert you away from the goal you have set yourself. Your birth sign is noted for its focus and commitment, so head in a straight line for your target.

AQUARIUS- You may have the kind of idea today that you think will solve all your problems, but is it really so great? The planets warn you could be deceiving yourself, so get a second opinion from someone you trust

PISCES- Why are you worrying so much about the future when the only thing that matters is today? Put plans for tomorrow and next week and next year out of your head and ask yourself "What can I do now?"