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Horoscopes for February 13th






ARIES- Don’t panic — just hunker down! You aren’t feeling at your best socially but that just means you’ve got time to get stuff done at home or on solo work projects. It can be a positive time for you.

TAURUS- You need to make a relationship permanent — or at least show your commitment. This doesn’t have to be a romantic thing, though it certainly could be if that’s where your heart is now.

GEMINI- Take more time to think through all the angles today — make sure that you’re fully informed. It’s a good day for you to step up and ensure that your energy is well spent.

CANCER- You can’t quite figure out what to do next, but that could just mean that you’ve got too many great options to choose from. Make sure that your friends and family are in the loop — they can help!

LEO- Try to look at things more closely today — the surface doesn’t contain the truth! You may need to deal with someone or something that can’t be immediately grasped, but you’ll get there soon.

VIRGO- The people around you are full of wisdom today — though they may not realize it! Just listen carefully and you should be able to get to the core of their beliefs. Absorb it and apply it to your own life.

LIBRA- Focus your energies on business and work concerns — they are paramount, and you never know when an opportunity like this will pop up again. It may be wrong, but it’s for the best

SCORPIO- You feel a surge of great energy that comes from out of nowhere and threatens to carry you away with it — but you’re in charge, of course! Direct it and you can do almost anything you want today.

SAGITTARIUS- Your dreams are more important than ever right now, so make sure that you’re paying attention — and writing them down, if possible. Clues may not make sense until you’ve had time to ponder them.

CAPRICORN- You have some time and mental energy to spare — it’s a great day to think about where you are and where you want to be. Things should be looking up for you in the very near future.

AQUARIUS- You should try to get someone new on your side when it comes to your career moves. Things are looking up for you, but it takes some hard work and extra connections before you can take your next step

PISCES- You just can’t say no today — though it might make you feel like a chump now and then. See if you can get your friends to help out if you take on too much, but your energy should see you through