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Feb 27th







ARIES- This would be a good day to clarify your ambitions and to let those in positions of power and authority know that unless they offer you something better you will be looking elsewhere. Say it and mean it.

TAURUS- It's time to get tough with someone who has been taking liberties. Yes, of course, you could blame yourself for allowing the situation to drag on so long but ultimately it's their fault, not yours, so speak up.

GEMINI- You may need to backtrack a little today if you don't want to fall out with a friend or work colleague. Okay, so you believe that what you said was true but did you have to be so sarcastic about it?

CANCER- Be honest with loved ones today, even if what you have to tell them is not what they want to hear. If they mean something to you then you must make sure they see the light - for their own good.

LEO- A new health or fitness program could be just what you need to get yourself moving again, physically and mentally. And stick with it this time: it won't be long before you see some seriously cheering results.

VIRGO- You may be surprised by what happens today but don't just stand there or you could miss out on an opportunity to benefit from unexpected changes. And don't feel guilty if you gain from someone else's misfortune.

LIBRA- You may find it hard to turn down a call for assistance but it's necessary. If you don't you will find yourself doing things for others that they really should be doing for themselves. Don't let them take advantage.

SCORPIO- The planets will give you the courage you require to start something you have been yearning to do for ages. Great changes are taking place all around you but don't be afraid: they are the kind of changes you need.

SAGITTARIUS- Don't stop thinking and don't stop looking for ways to improve your position in life. Over the next few days there will be more than one opportunity to make money from sudden events. If you don't then someone else will.

CAPRICORN- An idea that pops into your head out of nowhere may be outrageous but the more you allow yourself to think about it the more you will like it. Some say you are too cautious to take risks. Prove them wrong

AQUARIUS- There are so many changes going on that even the most adventurous of Aquarians may be wondering where it is all going to end. But change never ends - you know that. Make change your friend. Be change yourself.

PISCES- If you approach a difficult problem from an unusual angle today you may be surprised how simple the answer is. If you are still stuck though you should ask someone you trust. You can't know everything after all