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February 14th






ARIES- Things are getting weird under the surface, so see if you can spend some time trying to get to the root of the matter. You may find that someone has been sending you coded messages for a while.

TAURUS- Open up to the worldand share your story — someone needs to hear it, but you can’t know who until you start talking. If you’ve got a public outlet like a blog, so much the better.

GEMINI- Take care of someone else today — your energy needs to be externalized, and you may as well rack up some good karma while you’re at it! You may decide on a new direction in life, too.

CANCER- You are feeling really intense today — so much so that you might find it hard to cope with mundane, everyday life. If you can pull yourself away from work or chores, you may find a new epiphany comes your way!

LEO- What’s going on down deep today? It’s a goodtimefor you to figure out what you want to do with your life, or to see if there are any deeper issues that are still unresolved. Things can get better!

VIRGO- You’re not satisfied today — but that is a good thing! You may ask more questions than you can easily answer, but that just means that you’re heading in the right direction. Keep pushing!

LIBRA- Try to take things to a new level today. It could be your love life, your career or even a relationship with an estranged family member, but you need to scratch the surface and see what you find.

SCORPIO- Your spiritual side is out in force right now, and may lead to an epiphany or rebirth experience. Let it happen — fighting it would be unwise, and you are sure to end up better off in some way.

SAGITTARIUS- You aren’t at your best right now, but that just means you need to drift away from the mainstream a bit and let your moods dictate where you go and what you do. Things should pick up pretty soon.

CAPRICORN- Today is all about power, though few recognize that fact. You can see exactly who’s got it and who doesn’t, and it’s up to you what to do with that information. You are likely to be the wild card

AQUARIUS- Your core emotions are making life weird and wild today — but you’re doing fine! Try to take a little time out for yourself so you can see what you need to do next, but enjoy the vibe, too.

PISCES- You can’t be bothered to make up your mind about much of anything today. That’s cool — you don’t have to push yourself too hard, as your great personal energy should give you a pass.