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Horoscopes for Frebruary 16th





ARIES- Your emotions are ruling your actions today, which could get somewhat embarrassing if your timing is off. Just try to focus on stuff that means something to you and leave the rest for tomorrow

TAURUS- You are feeling quite sensitive today — so much so that you might snap at someone who means you no harm. It’s a goodtimefor you to pull back a bit for socializing and reflect on your own interior needs

GEMINI-Today is great for starting off on a new project to monitor your health — or even to take positive steps toward improving it! Make sure that you know what you’re doing, or get well informed before starting out

CANCER- Legal documents are more treacherous than usual — though more likely by mistake or accident than because of anyone’s ill will. All this means is that you need guidance from an expert.

LEO- You’re on your own a bit today, but the good news is that you can still get stuff done. At least one friend or colleague flakes on you, so see if you can get by using only your wits.

VIRGO- Go in somewhat deeper today — things need to come to the surface and you should be able to pull them out if you try. Don’t let yourself take the first answer you receive as gospel, though!

LIBRA- You’re changing things up today, and may find that your energy is better spent on future-thinking than on shoring up past successes. You’re full of mixed feelings, but that’s a sign of good things to come.

SCORPIO- You heal an old would today. It may be physical, though it’s much more likely to involve an old relationship with a family member or former romantic partner. You are stronger for the experience!

SAGITTARIUS- It’s a great day for reflection, but not so much for direct action. If you can get a clue into your deeper needs, you are sure to find that things start to make a lot more sense by this time tomorrow.

CAPRICORN- You’re feeling a surge of attention coming your way that might make a huge difference in your activitiesand projects. Others see you as a problem-solver, and that rep can help you out quite a bit.

AQUARIUS- You are feeling slowed down so much that you can hardly believe the pace of those around you. Sometimes you’re just a little out of sync, so don’t bother freaking out — yet!

PISCES- You are in the middle of a big fight — but you may be able to duck out and just let the others tear each other to shreds. If any of the players matter to you, go ahead and take their side.