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Feb 28th







ARIES- Both the good and the bad points of your personality will stand out in sharp relief today. There is no reason at all why you should disguise your true nature. Others only disapprove because they are jealous

TAURUS- Make a special effort to think before you act today, as you could easily go over the top in some way. Even the most cautious of Bulls could say or do things which might damage their reputation, so be careful

GEMINI- Friends and colleagues will do the opposite of what you ask of them today. Now that you know that you know how to get round them, don't you? Ask them to do the complete reverse of what it is you want!

CANCER-However tough things may get over the next 24 hours you must not compromise your principles or show signs of weakness. You may not be in a position of strength but you do possess formidable strength of character

LEO- If you have moments of self-doubt today don't just ignore them and plow ahead regardless. Listen to what your instincts are trying to tell you and, just this once, be a bit more cautious in your actions.

VIRGO-  There may be nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it but it will pay you to be a bit more selective in your goals. Some things come naturally to you and those are the things you should focus on.

LIBRA- Yes, the truth hurts, but it will hurt even more if you try to avoid it. That applies especially to your career where some kind of setback is likely to annoy you. But what is it trying to teach you?

SCORPIO- Your life has become far too complicated of late and you must find ways to simplify your everyday activities. Forget about all those big ideas swimming around inside your head - get serious about details.

SAGITTARIUS- You may be impulsive by nature but the planets warn if you overdo it between now and the weekend you will need to give yourself a lot of time to recover - time you cannot really afford to waste.

CAPRICORN- What you learn about other people is useful. What you learn about yourself is priceless. Something will happen today that gives you an insight into the way your subconscious works - an insight that leads to greater happiness.

AQUARIUS- So many things are changing and you may not be entirely happy about it. But deep down you know it's time to move on and if you can't make the move yourself fate will make it for you. Your move!