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March 1st







ARIES- You are going through rather an intense phase at the moment and it's putting a strain on your body, mind and emotions. Take a break. What you are searching for will be found the moment you stop looking for it.

TAURUS- Don't hesitate today or you may lose momentum and give your rivals a chance to catch up. All's fair in love, war and business and if you make sure you are first the rewards are sure to follow.

GEMINI- Listen to your instincts and act on what they tell you. If you have one brilliant idea today you will probably have a dozen or more, so you need to be selective. What is the most realistic option? Go for it.

CANCER- Cut through all the confusion and get to the root of a problem that has been causing you a lot of sleepless nights. All you have to do is stick to the facts and avoid making value judgments. Sounds easy doesn't it!

LEO- How often have you been told not to act in haste? Too many, no doubt, but today you are invited to act as quickly as you like - in fact the quicker the better. You simply can't put a foot wrong now.

VIRGO- You may be practical by nature but you have flashes of inspiration like everyone else and you should listen to what your inner voice tells you today. One good idea, in particular, could be a money spinner.

LIBRA- Important things will only get done today if you step up to the plate and take charge. Inevitably, some people will complain but you don't have time to argue: they either do as they are told or get left behind.

SCORPIO- Do you get the feeling that someone is trying to annoy you for the fun of it? Whether or not it is true you are advised not to lose your temper with them. Really, it's just not worth the hassle.

SAGITTARIUS- Try to arrange things so that you don't do any real work at all. Put yourself forward as team leader. Take a supervising role. While others are working their fingers to the bone you'll be getting the praise!

CAPRICORN- If someone offers you an apology today you must accept it. No matter what it is that caused your falling out it's obvious that they don't hold a grudge, so there is no reason why you should either

AQUARIUS- You will be in inspired form today - you will come up with ideas that others simply don't have the insight or intelligence to think of. But remember: good ideas are like manure - they work best when spread around

PISCES- It may seem as if someone has let you down or, worse, betrayed a secret about you, but don't get on your high horse just yet. It could be there's another side to this story. Stay calm and find out what it is.