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February 20th





ARIES- You should find that people are easier to get along with today, thanks to some great energy that brings you closer together socially. It’s a goodtimeto build bridges and to check in with distant allies.

TAURUS- People are just testing you today, so don’t take things too seriously. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be fun, as the constant teasing and limit-pushing can get to be somewhat wearying, but it can’t last.

GEMINI- Your new ideas are making life much more interesting today, so keep talking and make sure that your people fully understand what you’re trying to get across. You may start to see things really differently

CANCER- You can’t help but make your feelings known today, but it’s lonely — everyone else seems bottled up! That could mean that you need to find some time alone, but at least one person needs an open display of emotion.

LEO- Try to take care of things in a new way today — the same old tricks just aren’t working now! The good news is that you’re sure to learn more about yourself and your people by the end of the day.

VIRGO- You should find that you’re a little out of sorts early on as your schedule starts to shift and erode from underneath you. See if you can get your people to fill you in ahead of time

LIBRA- You need to use that powerful intuition of yours to get clues about that new colleague or neighbor — what’s really going on with them? It shouldn’t be too hard for you to pick up on the truth.

SCORPIO- Listen up when people try to tell you about their hot ideas. You may need to deal with someone who seems kind of crazy, but is actually onto something really hot. Give them your full attention

SAGITTARIUS- Your mind is sharp today, and you should be able to figure out even the weirdest ideas today. Apply yourself to the hard stuff, as you never know when your mental energy is going to wane.

CAPRICORN- You’ve got financial issues on your mind today, which may be pretty weighty but are still sure to be resolved — eventually. As long as you’re facing them honestly, you are sure to do fine.

AQUARIUS- You are the best person for the job — whatever it may be. This could have to do with your career, but it’s just as likely to apply to your social life or even your love life. Don’t hide your light away!

PISCES- You’re thinking quite a bit about your future and how things are going, so see if you can get yourself into a quiet corner where you can ponder what comes next. Things are looking up!