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Horoscopes for February 21st






ARIES- Expect to get last-minute help just when you need it the most. Make sure your lines of communication are wide open, as people may use eccentric tools to try to get in touch with you.

TAURUS- It’s not a great time for you to shake things up — you need to just chill out and stick to whatever has worked for you in the past. Soon enough, you can try new things and see how they work

GEMINI-Your big brain is super-charged right now, so make the most of it! New ideas are coming freely, and you should be able to break down problems into their component parts pretty easily

CANCER- You’ve got to deal with emotional problems in practical ways today, which is kind of a drag but still vital. Once the day is done, you can move on and get back to your honest emotions.

LEO- Your ability to sit quietly and wait for life to catch up with you is what determines today’s success or failure. Patience is a serious virtue, so make sure you’re feeling centered

VIRGO- You’re feeling more open than usual to new ideas — even the craziest ones! Now is a great time to embrace change and to push for more from your friends and coworkers. Great things can happen!

LIBRA- Have fun today! Even if you aren’t feeling at your best, if you just fake it for a few minutes, your great personal energy should kick in and help you to make the most of the day.

SCORPIO- You should expect some trouble on the home front today — things are getting kind of weird with family or roommates, but the good news is that this crisis can have a seriously cool outcome

SAGITTARIUS- Big ideas are making the rounds today, so see if you can get your people to share theirs with you. It’s a two-way street, of course, so make sure that you’re also talking up your biggest notions

CAPRICORN- Try not to shut anyone down today, but your natural skepticism should be out in force — and that’s a good thing! At least one crackpot scheme needs to be evaluated for flaws, and only you can do so.

AQUARIUS- You’ve got great energy today, and you should find that you can handle almost any problem. See if you can get your people to let you take the lead on most projects, but you may just have to go your own way.

PISCES- You feel a bit optimistic today — but make sure that’s not pushing you in unrealistic directions. You may need to consult with that one friend who always seems to know what’s possible