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Horoscopes for February 22nd






ARIES- Try not to worry too much about the events of the day — everything can be written up to karma, pure and simple. If it’s good, that means you’ve been good in the past; if not, well, you can still make up for lost time!

TAURUS- This is the right time to consider the future — the present is well accounted for, and the past, as ever, is in the past. You have the right kind of mental energy to dream up amazing plans!

GEMINI- You can’t control what others say about you (well, for the most part, anyway), and that could be quite frustrating today. Your reputation is at the mercy of one person, but the effects are temporary.

CANCER- You know exactly what’s right for you — that knowledge is just sequestered away in your right brain. Make sure you’re listening to your intuition so you can get the clue before it’s too late!

LEO- Try not to get involved in any deals involving money today — you need to make sure that you’re flexible when things start to get weird later on. That’s not to say you need to stuff your mattress with twenties, though!

VIRGO- Remember that everything can change — and on a day like today, anything is possible! Your energy is better spent on coping with it all instead of trying to keep it from happening.

LIBRA- Try to help those around you live better lives today — in whatever small way you can. This could mean giving someone flowers or helping them to avoid making the same mistake for the hundredth time

SCORPIO- You need to indulge your artistic sensibilities today — all that energy can’t go to waste! If you can make something beautiful or just find a new way to pass the time, you should be proud of yourself

SAGITTARIUS- You’ve got plenty of stories swirling through your life today — so many that you might lose track of them all! See if you can get your friends to listen as you rattle them out one after the other.

CAPRICORN- Someone asks for help — maybe someone you barely know — and you need to answer quickly. Even if you feel put on the spot, it’s a good idea to reach out and go for the karmic boost

AQUARIUS- You need to draw a line between your spiritual side and your practical side — but you should feel free to cross over, especially on a day like today! Just take on one element at a time.

PISCES- You need to try out new things today — your energy is terrific, and it’s craving novelty. You may even want to launch a new business or take on a big, complex project around the house.