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March 5th







ARIES- Whatever goes missing from your life today is something you can well do without, so wave it a fond farewell and turn your attention to more urgent matters. Changes are good for you, so go with the flow.

Taurus- A barrier of some kind may be imposing but you can find a way around it if you try. Stay calm, be patient and look for the key in areas you would not usually consider - that's where it's most likely to be

Gemini- Do you listen to a friend's advice or do you listen to an expert stranger? Maybe it would be better if you listened to no one's advice but your own. What does your inner voice tell you? Act on it.

Cancer- Be blunt with a partner or colleague who is clearly taking liberties. You may not want to hurt their feelings but it would appear they are too thick-skinned to take a subtle hint - so give it to them straight.

LEO- Don't choose the easy option today just because it seems quicker. Appearances can be deceptive and you may, in retrospect, wish you had taken more care, devoted more time and done a proper job the first time.

VIRGO- Raise your game today. You may not be the most outgoing of people but you have what it takes to make a name for yourself, and over the next 24 hours you'll get the chance to shine. Don't waste it.

LIBRA- No matter how busy you may be at the moment you must make time for partners and loved ones. Someone close is desperate for your attention, so put aside what you are doing and let them know you still care.

SCORPIO- Something you say could be taken the wrong way and provoke a reaction. This is the kind of situation that could escalate rapidly, so it might be wise to apologize even if you feel you have done nothing wrong.

SAGITTARIUS- Your instincts should be telling you that the best way to deal with a difficult situation is to leave well alone. That applies especially to ego clashes. If someone really grates on you that much make sure your paths don't cross.

CAPRICORN- An important relationship may be under some stress but don't worry about it unduly. The planets suggest that everything will work out for the best in the end, so forget it and focus on more enjoyable things.

AQUARIUS- There are so many things you want to do yet so few things you can do, which is no doubt frustrating, but your time will come, so stick with it. As always, everything will change when you least expect it to.

PISCES- Why are you tempted to grab what you can and make a run for it? Maybe it's because you can sense that time is winding down and if you don't do something soon the chance may pass you by. Maybe you're right