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Horoscopes for February 23rd






ARIES- Your energy needs to be focused outward today — you can’t just dwell on your own problems or issues. Make sure that you are checking in with your people to give them what they need.

TAURUS- Go big or go home — you need to get ambitious today! That may or may not be a problem, but the bigger your plans are, the more likely you are to bring them to fruition, even if it takes a while.

GEMINI- Your creative side is out in the open now, and you should be able to get your friends or family to sign on for another big project if you so desire. Whatever happens, it should be fun for everyone.

CANCER- If you see someone in need today, help them out. Even if it’s out of your way or seems like a waste of time, go for it — your karma is especially fertile right now, so every actioncounts extra.

LEO- Read up and get all the information you can today — but make sure to trust your instincts, too! You need to make a big decision, and guidance can come from literally anywhere.

VIRGO- You should try not to be too openly critical of your people today — they need all the support they can get, and you should have time to offer criticism later on, when everyone feels more stable

LIBRA- You don’t know what’s what today — it’s hard to say whether or not anything can be counted on. Your schedule is prone to disruptions and delays, so try not to book yourself too tightly.

SCORPIO- You need to play more today. Even if you’re no fan of sports or games, you should still find ways to inject more fun into your routines, as your great energy is perfect for enjoying what you’ve got.

SAGITTARIUS- Everything you see today seems to be a life lesson — but only some of them can actually be applied to your life. See if you can sort them out on your own, though calling in some help isn’t a bad idea either.

CAPRICORN- Don’t worry about asking for whatever you need today — your people are only too happy to help! You do need to ask, though, as they haven’t yet perfected the art of reading minds.

AQUARIUS- You are too easily distracted today — so much so that you may find yourself confused by where the time went tonight. It’s a goodtimefor you to take care of small projects, one at a time.

PISCES- You’ve got to find some new way to deal with your life — you can’t just stay in one place. You’ve got the right kind of leverage to make a profoundly positive change if you act now!