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Horoscopes for February 24th






ARIES- Whatever pops up today is real and must be taken seriously — don’t delay! You may have to pull back a bit from a fun pet project in order to deal with this, but that’s totally okay, as far as you’re concerned

TAURUS- Now is an awesome time to try for big, crazy ideas — of which you’ve got more than a few! Pick just one and figure out where to start. You should be on your way in no time, so get busy

GEMINI- You need to push ahead on your career path, which shouldn’t be too difficult — there’s likely at least one big issue that you’ve been putting off for too long. Get it done and see what happens!

CANCER- Your great emotional energy lets your spiritual side take over, and you may find yourself dreaming of something newer and better. Go for it — you’re able to effect great changes now!

LEO- You can’t quite tell what’s real and what’s not, but you should do what you can to figure out the difference. It’s especially important for you to avoid the urge to just take it all at face value

VIRGO- Your people need you in a new way. Make sure that you’re there for them and that you are really listening — at least one of them is not making themselves plain. It’s all good in the end, though.

LIBRA- You are way too busy for your own good — so try to roll it back a bit. If you can drop just one thing from your schedule, the rest of your day should go a lot better for you. You can make it up later!

SCORPIO- Your dreaming life is maybe a little more realistic than your waking life today, but that just means you need to pay closer attention to it. See if you can get your intuitive side on the case.

SAGITTARIUS- Your energy takes a while to kick in today, and you may find that you need to take the morning more slowly than usual. It’s a goodtime for you to ask for help, especially this afternoon.

CAPRICORN- Your intuitive powers are peaking now, so listen carefully when little clues bubble up out of the muck. You may learn all sorts of cool things about friends, colleagues and others in your life

AQUARIUS- Your spending habits may need some revision, so see if you can get some help from a good friend with a solid financial head. Your life is chaotic enough without massive debt!

PISCES- Other people are even more important than usual today, so pay careful attention to what folks are saying. You can pick up on all sorts of subliminal messages if you just keep your eyes and ears open!