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February 27th





ARIES- Stick to whatever you’re doing today — it’s important that you show that you can persevere even in the face of certain failure. Someone is watching, and they need to see persistence and optimism.

TAURUS- Try something you think you don’t deserve — who knows, maybe you’ll change your mind afterward! Decadence is all relative, anyway, and you might find at least one person approves in a big way.

GEMINI- Listen carefully when your BFF or close cousin comes calling — they’ve got good advice for you, even if they don’t realize it yet. Ask big questions and hear them out, no matter what.

CANCER- You’re the boss today — no matter what anyone else says! In fact, if you just act like you’re in charge, most folks are likely to just follow along and do what needs to be done. You may come to like this!

LEO- Try not to worry too much about labels or categories today — you need to let ambiguity rule. That might be hard if colleagues or friends are taking a hard line on some issue, but you can deal

VIRGO- That left brain of yours is still at it — and it’s making life even more interesting for your people! Together, you may find that things aren’t quite as they appear to be when you scratch the surface

LIBRA- You can’t trust surface appearances today — look more closely until you see the little clues that make you more certain that things are not what they seem. It may take all day to unravel the mystery.

SCORPIO- Your natural intensity is making a bold play today, so make sure that you’re surrounded by those who know you best or are well equipped to handle your moods and strokes of inspiration.

SAGITTARIUS- Something small jumps out and catches your eye — make sure that you can spend the time to ensure that you follow it wherever it may lead. Your energy is just right for detective work!

CAPRICORN- It may be a goodtimefor you to get back to nature (weather permitting, of course). See if you can find a way to get some fresh air and soak up a little wilderness to recharge your spiritual batteries

AQUARIUS- Things get weird quickly — though you are quick on your feet, so you should be able to adapt before anyone else even realizes that the game has changed. Help those who need it if you can

PISCES- Focus your creative style around the home — cook a great dinner, rearrange things to your liking or find some other way to engage your living space. Those around you are sure to be quite appreciative