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Horoscopes for February 28th






ARIES- Your core values are shaken up a little bit today, thanks to a confrontation with reality. See if you can get your people to help you make sense of it — things should start to get better pretty quickly

TAURUS- Your genuine affection for your people really shines through today, and it goes both ways! It’s the best possible time for you to get your friends together for a spontaneous gathering

GEMINI- Try to take care of bills and paperwork today — you’ve got the right mindset to blow through it all, and you’re sure to feel much more at ease after it’s all behind you. Get started now!

CANCER- Focus your energy on the domestic front today — things are sure to get weird for you otherwise. Even if you have to take care of a work emergency, you can still make your home life sweeter.

LEO- This has to be a day of endings — happy ones, preferably! If you can clear your desk or task list of all the stuff that’s been collecting lately, you should be in a great space for what’s coming soon

VIRGO- You need to get in deeper today — things just aren’t going to work out for you unless you can find a way to explorewhat’s really going on under the surface. You should be able to go to sleep feeling more confident

LIBRA- You and your allies are making life much easier for each other, and your intense social energy helps cement these relationships. You can rely on your people like never before — make the most of it!

SCORPIO- You and your opposite — whoever that is — are on a collision course right now. That could lead to almost anything: a fight, romance, a new business idea or even artistic inspiration. Embrace it!

SAGITTARIUS- No matter how hopeless your situation may seem, don’t give up. As long as you persevere, you can make progress and, most likely, solve any problem that comes your way. Fear is the mind killer!

CAPRICORN- You should get back to basics — things are a little too complicated for your tastes right now. Make sure that your energy is spent on the things that make you truly happy and don’t require advanced techniques.

AQUARIUS- You may get a message from a parent or some other older relative — but it’s most likely not a crisis. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get right back to them, as you are more energized when it comes to family now.

PISCES- Your hard edges need to be softened even more today, so make sure that you’re going easy on yourself as well as those around you. Someone needs to hear a word of praise — could it be you?