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Horoscopes for February 29th






ARIES- You’ve got to be as direct as possible with colleagues and friends today — though a little tact wouldn’t hurt! Try to make sure that you’re not just telling everyone what to do this time.

TAURUS- Your smile is infectious today, and you should find it popping up more and more as the day progresses. You need to make sure that at least one new person gets to know the real you!

GEMINI- Your work or career is highlighted today, so make the most of it and aim high! Show off what you can do, or make new contacts who can help you land the perfect gig. You can do this!

CANCER- You are more in tune with your family than most people — even if you don’t see them every day. It’s a good day for you to get even closer, ask big questions and see what you can do together

LEO- Watch out for little legal details that might haunt you. Read those terms and conditions (at least until your eyes start to cross) and make sure you get a good consultant before signing anything

VIRGO- Leap into a new day full of great social interactions — you can get along well with almost anyone! It’s one of those days when your worst enemies crack a smile at your jokes and your best friends are fiercely loyal.

LIBRA- Your ability to iron out differences between your people is striking today, so make sure that you’re willing to step in and help out in conflicts of almost all kinds. (Couples fighting are still off-limits!)

SCORPIO- Try not to worry too much when you see your opposition today — they look more intense than they really are. In fact, they might actually underestimate you and end up throwing the match!

SAGITTARIUS- Try to show someone close what they need — though it’s best if you can take care of them without saying a word. People respond better to acts of kindness than good advice for the time being.

CAPRICORN- You’re well known for your conscientious nature. Today that makes you the go-to person for people who need favors or advice, but you may not mind at all. Things are better for everyone this way.

AQUARIUS- Try not to focus so much on the future — you also need to deal with your past. That could mean almost anything from your childhood to a bad breakup from not so long ago, but it must come first.

PISCES- Poetry is part of everyday life for you, and on a day like today, it’s manifested even more directly. See if you can get your people to indulgeyou as you approach life as a story still being told.