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March 7th







ARIES- Don't worry too much if your thoughts take you in directions you would not want to admit to in public. As an Aries you are expected to be more adventurous than most. Think before you turn thoughts into deeds though.

TAURUS- Someone you meet today will attract you instantly. It could be the start of a life-long friendship or even a passionate romantic liaison. Either way it's going to be a lot of fun - and that can only be good.

GEMINI- You may be tempted to tell the world your plans but with Mercury, your ruler, still moving retrograde that might not be such a good idea. Only let those you really trust know what you are up to.

CANCER- You will see some strange things today but don't take any of it too seriously. Strive to maintain a detached attitude, even though there may be times when you want to jump in and bang a few heads together!

LEO- There is no telling what spur-of-the-moment decisions you will make over the next 24 hours, but you will certainly do something out of the ordinary. Try though to look ahead and see what the consequences might be.

VIRGO- You could easily impose your will on other people today but is that such a good idea? A little bit of thought should help you see that if you come on too strong you may win the battle but lose the war

LIBRA- Do you let your heart rule your head today? It might be a smart idea as with mind planet Mercury still moving retrograde your thoughts may be all over the place. What does your inner voice tell you? Act on that

SCORPIO- There is no point trying to coerce people whose worldview is completely different to your own - all that does is make them oppose you even more. Accept that you will always see things differently. It's no big deal

SAGITTARIUS- There is a danger that you will bounce back and forth between two extremes today. It may not bother you much but it could turn important people against you, so think before you act. Yes it is possible!

CAPRICORN- Even if you disagree strongly with what friends and loved ones are up to at the moment you are advised to gloss over the fact and stay on good terms. If nothing else it gives you a bargaining chip for later.

AQUARIUS- Feelings will be running high in all directions today and you may wish you could switch off the world and get away from it all. So why don't you? While everyone else is busy arguing you can sneak off.

PISCES-A relationship may be going through a tough time but don't give up on it. Love planet Venus in your sign links to both Saturn and Pluto today, which means you are nowhere near the end of the road yet.