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Horoscopes for March 2nd







ARIES- Avoid any heavy-duty business today — you need to keep it all light and fluffy. If you can stick to pictures of kittens and chit-chat about Hollywood divorces, you can get back to serious business soon

TAURUS- You’re out-pacing your friends today, so make sure that you’re leaving yourself some room to breathe when things start to get hairy later on. You may need to slow down to let them catch up.

GEMINI- Your communication skills are heightened today — and yes, that is possible! You may find that even folks who don’t speak your language can follow your drift, and it’s easy to influence all comers

CANCER- Try not to miss out when people are talking today — it’s too easy for you to skip over the main point when you’re zoning out or trying to figure out what they might really be feeling

LEO- You need to get with a group of friends today — or maybe colleagues — in order to celebrate your cohesion. You may be the only one who sees that it’s necessary, but they’ll come around soon

VIRGO- Today could be fantastic, or it could be terrible. If you start to dread each new task or meeting, just pull back and try to shake up your belief system. At least part of it is in your head!

LIBRA- You need someone to bounce ideas off of today, and that could mean that you need to seek out an old friend or a new colleague who’s willing to listen and learn. Make sure they participate, too!

SCORPIO- That little gamble could turn into a much bigger deal if you let it — but you need to try to just pass it by this time. Things are looking up for you, but only if you choose to play it safe.

SAGITTARIUS- You need to take care of business today — and there’s a lot of it! Make sure you clear away any inessential meetings or appointments so you can focus on whatever is most important

CAPRICORN- Take care of things today. You know that your energy is best spent on group projects or activities that help others as much as they help you, so make sure you’ve got something good to work on.

AQUARIUS- You and your romantic partner are heating things up in your communication today. If you’re not seeing someone, check for signs of crushes around you and then act on them. This could be big

PISCES- You, of all people, know what to do with change — and it’s coming fast! You may find you’re the best-equipped to deal with the shake-up that is starting to ripple through your workplace or neighborhood