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March 8th








ARIES- It's not wrong to be ambitious and anyone who tells you otherwise clearly resents your success. If someone tries to stop you following the path that is right for you, then come out fighting. It's your future after all

TAURUS- What would you do if you knew that success was inevitable? Whatever it happens to be the planets indicate that it's closer than you think - and will get closer still if you have the courage to reach for it. So reach.

GEMINI- A positive attitude is a must today, especially if you are the kind of Gemini who has a tendency to worry for no good reason. Even if you encounter opposition you have what it takes to win through - and win well.

CANCER- You need to be honest about your feelings. You need to open up and let loved ones know why you feel a little down. After that you need to wise up and realize that your "troubles" are actually quite minor.

LEO- Someone who says they are your friend is in reality trying to undermine you. You may not yet have enough evidence to confront them but you must trust your intuition and keep them at arm's length

VIRGO- You will have to change your opinion about someone today after finding out you were completely wrong about what they are up to. And if you spoke up about your doubts you may have to apologize as well

LIBRA- You are far too nice to turn your back on a friend in need. Just make sure they realize that once you have helped them get back on their feet the rest is up to them. Don't let them become dependent on you.

SCORPIO- Some tough decisions will have to be made over the next few days, but you know if you leave it much longer it could make matters worse. Call on your Pluto power to give you the strength you will need.

SAGITTARIUS- There is every chance that something you have grown used to will go out of your life, either today or over the weekend. There is no point making a fuss about it. Make peace with reality and move on.

CAPRICORN- You need to have a clear idea of what it is you most want to accomplish, because only then are you likely to make significant progress. Once you know where you need to go no power on Earth can stop you.

AQUARIUS- You may have every reason to get angry with someone today but if you do it could rebound on you in unexpected ways. Both Saturn and Pluto urge you to calm down and see the bigger picture. Strive for moderation

PISCES- You have so much energy to play with but what are you going to do with it all? Whatever it is make it something that will stay with you long-term. A new creative project of some kind would be good.