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Horoscopes for March 5th





ARIES- You’re heating up everywhere you go today — it’s like your personality is a bright light! Just keep up the good work and enjoy the warm social relations that are sure to develop as you move.

TAURUS- You’ve got to deal with people who are acting out today — but if you can find it in your heart to tolerate these shenanigans, you should also be able to see the bright side of it all.

GEMINI- You are feeling good about the people around you, though arguments may flare up here and there. Fortunately, they’re the good kind that energize your thinking and keep you moving forward

CANCER- Your impulsive ways are making life much more interesting — and not just for you! See if you can make a new friend, discover a new restaurant or just warm someone’s heart with a surprise gift.

LEO- Your creative powers are peaking now, so make sure that you’re trying new things and experimenting with new ways of getting your work or chores done. Anything can be fun for you!

VIRGO- Life starts to get really complicated this afternoon, but you can manage it. Just stay flexible and make sure that you’re able to handle new situations as they arise. Get help — you need it!

LIBRA- Everyone around you seems to shy away from leadership — most likely, they’re just recognizing your potential! Take the reins, at least for now, and see about making something positive happen.

SCORPIO- Your sense of personal power is pushing you to take bigger steps and try bigger things. It may or may not work out right away, but it’s a good idea to keep on this path for a while.

SAGITTARIUS- Your devotion to a cause or person is making your life extra sweet today — so make the most of this burst of good feelings! You may find that good luck follows you along as you do your thing.

CAPRICORN- You’re experiencing some troubles around the workplace today — but they aren’t so bad that you can’t deal with them. The thing is, you may miss out on an opportunity. There will be more soon!

AQUARIUS- You need to deal with constant interruptions today — so try to find ways to maintain focus. It could be as simple as turning your ringer off or as complex as hiding out in a different town.

PISCES- You need to address your fantasy life, which is threatening to take over your waking mind. It may be that you need to face facts, or it could be time for a strategic retreat into daydreaming