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March 11th







ARIES- Today's new moon will be helpful if you have a clear idea of what it is you want. If though you are still confused or undecided it will most likely pass unnoticed. It's not too late to make up your mind.

Taurus- There is no guarantee that what you are about to attempt will succeed but don't let that stop you. Life is an adventure or it is nothing, so prepare the ground as best you can then just get on with it.

Gemini- Everything happens for a reason and if you keep that thought in mind today you won't be too fazed by what occurs. On the work front someone in a position of authority could make you an interesting offer

Cancer- Try to stand outside yourself and see the bigger picture. If you look at today's events from a purely personal point of view you run the risk of missing something important. Widen your perspective, just a little.

Leo- If there are things about your life and your relationships that you do not like then get rid of them now. Not everyone will be happy with the changes you make but that's all the more reason to make them.

Virgo- What happens over the next few days could turn your world on its head - and you won't mind a bit. Just when you thought Lady Luck had forgotten about you up she pops up to bring you something nice.

Libra- Don't give up on your plans. What happens this week may cause you to think again about your ambitions but don't use that as an excuse to abandon them altogether. You're still moving in the right direction.

Scorpio- A new moon in your fellow Water sign of Pisces means you can quite easily make your dreams come true. Don't let any kind of negative thoughts take root in your mind today. Think positive. Feel positive. Act positive

Sagittarius- A loved one may give you a hard time but if you are smart you won't give them a hard time back. It's not you they are annoyed with but life in general. By this time tomorrow the crisis will have passed.

Capricorn- Something you say or do over the next 24 hours could easily be taken the wrong way by someone you love and cause a certain amount of grief. Do you really have to be so blunt? Think before you speak.

Aquarius- The planets suggest you have been kidding yourself about the real reasons for a failure of some kind. It would help if you saw things as they really are. Today's new moon will point you in the right direction

Pisces- Today's new moon in your sign will encourage you to believe that all things are possible. It will also encourage you to actually do something creative rather than just think about it. It's time to step up and shine.