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Horoscopes for MArch 6th






ARIES- Your impulsive antics are the stuff of legend, and on a day like today, you can really show off! You may find that your people are in awe as you play, flirt and otherwise make life good fun

TAURUS- Try your best to work together with your teammates and family members, even if they drive you a little crazy. You need to stay connected if you want to get anything done on a day like this!

GEMINI- This is not a day for serious business, so kick back, relax and keep conversations light and airy. Others may not take your side, but you can still find ways to do what you need to do

CANCER- It’s time for that upgrade you’ve been dreaming about — maybe a new gadget, maybe a new love interest. Let your ambitions take you where they will, as you can improve on almost anything now.

LEO- You experience a moment of glory that makes you realize life really is an adventure. You should find that those around you get caught up in the excitement and may see you in a new light.

VIRGO- You need to clear out your schedule today — there’s just too much going on! See if you can get your colleagues or family members to take on some of your duties, or put them off for a few days.

LIBRA- People are looking to you for guidance today, and you need to make sure that you’re taking them seriously. Your mental energy is perfect for offering advice and answering big questions

SCORPIO- How much do you hate your job? That question may be a bit too much on your mind right now, but this career crisis could actually turn out to be a lucky break. Keep your eyes open!

SAGITTARIUS- You may find that your energy is boosting you in all the right ways today, covering up for your weaknesses and pushing you toward true excellence. Now is a great time to participate in competitions

CAPRICORN- People are naturally deceptive today, even when they have nothing to gain from it. All that means to you is that your natural skepticism should come in handy. Believe it when you see it!

AQUARIUS- You need to compromise today — others need to see that you’ve got the group’s best interests at heart. You always do, but that doesn’t always come out in obvious ways. Make an offer!

PISCES- You get a strong dose of reality today — just when you need it most! It may come as a surprising message from an old friend or a weird addition to your morning routine. Pay attention