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Horoscopes for March 8th





ARIES- Try not to get too far ahead of yourself today. Things are looking up for you, but that just means you’ve got to take them more seriously — and that means slowing down and working it all out.

TAURUS- Everything just slides into place for you today, and you may find that your good energy endears you to all the right people. See if you can push for a raise or for a date with that new hottie.

GEMINI- You should find it harder than usual to make yourself understood, but don’t give up! Today’s energy works against clear communication, as people seem to get bogged down in details

CANCER- Your brain is prepared for whatever it faces today, so make sure that you’re challenging yourself and taking the time to analyze the situation. Details are more important than ever right now!

LEO- You feel a bit lethargic today, and you may find that your energy is better spent on quiet tasks than partying or socializing. It’s okay for you to just stick to your routines now and then.

VIRGO- Spend some time on cleaning today — a tidy house can mean a tidy mind! Your energy is just right for taking care of the little tasks that contribute to making your life sweeter and easier

LIBRA- You are feeling extremely meticulous today — and you’re in good company! You may find that you can dig up info on people or lay the groundwork for a big new project with ease.

SCORPIO- You need to deal with some big issue that requires careful planning — so it’s a good thing your mental state is meticulous and detail-oriented today. Tackle it all and show what you can do

SAGITTARIUS- You need to avoid the temptation to negotiate today — just walk away from the table until a better time arrives. That shouldn’t take too long, as your energy is sure to rev back up within a few days or a week

CAPRICORN- Your personal energy helps keep you grounded and thoughtful today, so it’s a great time to tackle difficult emotional issues before they get out of hand. Sit down to talk with someone soon.

AQUARIUS- Be extra careful today — other people are harder to read, and you might find that they blow up at the smallest provocation. You may be better off keeping social interactions really simple.

PISCES- Do whatever you can to help out today — your energy is more or less where it should be, while some of your people are in terrible shape. You can improve the mood of the group as a whole.