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March 9th





ARIES- See if you can get yourself seated carefully and just coast through the day — recklessness is sure to result in accidents. You may find it easier to let someone else take charge for the day

TAURUS- Your good feelings are reciprocated today — and you should find it easier than ever to convince others that you’re right. A quick call can set almost any problem right if you make the best connection

GEMINI- You need to get some good advice today, so seek out your wisest friends and relatives and ask them the question that has been keeping you up at night. They can help, even if it feels weird.

CANCER- This is not a good time for you to deal with the big-picture stuff. Pass that on to a colleague or just wait until tomorrow. Focus on details, errands and minutiae as much as you can.

LEO- You need to avoid people today, at least a little. See if you can find time to yourself to meditate or just relax, as things are going to start to ramp up in a major way pretty soon.

VIRGO- Your attention to detail pays off in a big way today. You may find that you can save a big deal that is in danger or shave some money off of your budget, but you need to make a change to make it stick.

LIBRA- Let go of old anger today — it should do you a world of good! Forgive anyone who’s wronged you and decide to move on as much as you can from your past. You should feel so much better

SCORPIO- Little details are making your life even more interesting today. See if you can get yourself to deal with the numbers and figures that add up to create the structures of your life.

SAGITTARIUS- You can’t cope with authority figures today, so try to keep to yourself or just keep your head down when the boss is looking. Things are sure to improve in the very near future

CAPRICORN- Your productivity is amazing right now — so much so that you might clear off your task list before you can devise anything new to fill it with. You could take time off or go for extra credit.

AQUARIUS- You’re still not sure where others are coming from right now, so see if you can just hang back and let them do whatever it is they’re doing. You are sure to figure it all out later on.

PISCES- You may come across as too critical today, but that just means that you’ve got to chill out a bit and try to see the positive in people. Try to share your feelings with those you’re closest with