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Horoscopes for March 13th





ARIES- You are going through a period of renewal today — and that usually comes with awkwardness and discomfort. Things should settle down in the near future, but for now just hold on.

TAURUS- You may feel stretched out emotionally, and are almost certainly moody. Try not to take it out on anyone who doesn’t deserve it — your rages can be legendary, and need to be used sparingly.

GEMINI- Your hunches and insights are deeper than ever right now, so keep looking and taking notes until you have a clearer picture of whatever problem is bugging you. Get to work later

CANCER- You see the positive side of everything today, which is wonderful, but can lead to indecision. If you’re channeling Hamlet, just let it go for a while — you’ll know what to do soon enough.

LEO- Shopping is in the stars today, if you have any interest in deals on vintage or classic merchandise. Your eye for quality serves you well as you hunt down bargains online or in musty old shops

VIRGO- Your curiosity is driving your activities today. You’re asking big questions, following up on clues and making sure that your people are all getting back to you with their own research

LIBRA- You can forget about your friends for one day without turning into history’s worst monster. Just focus on your own needs and make sure you’re able to help out when you are eventually called upon

SCORPIO- You need to share your vision with the world today — and you’ve got the right kind of energy to express it clearly. Things are looking up, as long as you can explain yourself.

SAGITTARIUS- Your life plan is all laid out inside your head — you just need to figure it out. Make sure that you have the time to slow down and figure out everything that is locked away in there.

CAPRICORN- You feel somewhat detached today, but that can be a really good thing. It gives you the perspective you need to figure out your next step and to get your people to rally around the cause.

AQUARIUS- You need to get someone’s attention today, and it might be difficult. The good news is that once you have their ear, they are likely to listen carefully and thoughtfully. Things could really change for the better!

PISCES- People feel more dangerous than usual right now — but you need to relax and realize that half of that is all in your head. Just deal with people as per usual and let things flow like normal.