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March 14th






ARIES- An opportunity to explore new territory or ideas pops up today, and you’d be a fool not to take it. Your greatest energy is perfect for pushing through obstacles and finding what you need to find.

TAURUS- You may not love dealing with financialaffairs, but you know that you’ve got to take care of them today. Things are looking up, but if you neglect your accounts any longer, that won’t last

GEMINI- You need to step up and take direct action today. If you don’t know what’s expected of you, ask around or just examine the clues you’ve been gathering. You have to do something soon!

CANCER- Be yourself today — even if others need you to be someone else. It’s perfectly okay for you to indulge your own needs even when others are suffering — how can you help if you’re exhausted?

LEO- You can’t stand pettiness on a good day — and while today is pretty good, you may still find yourself getting enraged over the tiny ways that people find to make their lives harder.

VIRGO- You’ve got to make a move today, even f you’re petrified with fear. Fight that impulse however you can, as bravery is the best response to the day’s events. You can come out way ahead!

LIBRA- You need to head out beyond your usual haunts today — things are much more interesting out in the world! Discover new places and new people, as one of them should play a key role in the next few months

SCORPIO- You might make a purchase that doesn’t make sense in the long run, but satisfies a momentary craving. As long as it doesn’t break the bank, what’s the harm? A lapse doesn’t have to mean a relapse.

SAGITTARIUS- You’re as happy as can be right now, so make sure that you’re sharing the love with those who mean the most to you. It’s one of those days when your good energy is meant to be shared!

CAPRICORN- You need to maintain focus and discipline today if you want to succeed — so it’s a good thing those are among your better qualities! You can make it to the end without calling in a favor

AQUARIUS- Live large and make sure that you’re trying new things as much as you can. Fortune favors the bold, and your big ideas should help you make the most of this day’s crazy energy

PISCES- You are feeling somewhat fired up and ready for a fight. That could mean anything from laying down the law with the kids to starting up a new political group — the possibilities are limitless