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Horoscopes for MArch 15th






ARIES- Try not to get too worked up over finding yourself alone in the wilderness — all pioneers face this problem. Your personal beliefs and stamina should see you through any challenge today.

TAURUS- This is not the best time for you to push yourself too hard or take a risk. Your life is rolling along well now, and if you try to go for more before you’re ready, you could set yourself back

GEMINI- Life is getting more intense for you, and if you push things deeper today, then you may find that your energy is ready for something bigger and better. It could be love, or it could be a newcareermove.

CANCER- You’re having a hard time flowing from one thing to the next today — you may cling to a project or person long after you should let them go. The good news is that things should be simpler tomorrow.

LEO- Indulge your romantic side — and your romantic partner, if you’re seeing someone. Your amazing energy is perfect for making big gestures and showing people just how you feel about them.

VIRGO- A tense situation is making life difficult for you and a colleague or friend. Now is the time to break the ice and normalize things. You may find it easier to do so with humor, but your judgment should be fine.

LIBRA- Someone needs to hear what you’ve got to say — so open up and make sure that they hear you. It’s easier than ever for you to make your voice heard, and vitally important to keep communicating throughout the day.

SCORPIO- You’re taking a risk that might not pay off — but that’s why it’s called a risk, right? Just make sure that you’re not betting too much at once, as things could go either way for you at a time like this.

SAGITTARIUS- You mean well, and almost anyone can see that’s true. It’s a good time for you to propose alliances and see if your people are ready for more togetherness. You are stronger as part of a group.

CAPRICORN- You may not feel so great this morning when you look at all you’ve got to do, but by tonight, you should feel much better — as long as you stick to the plan! Flexibility does not help today.

AQUARIUS- Your friends are looking out for you, so see if you can take risks or branch out in new ways. You may not always succeed, but it’s a good exercise to fail and try again right away

PISCES- You need to deal with an authority figure who isn’t on your side today — but you might be able to get your way without igniting a full-scale rebellion. Just do your thing under the radar