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March 14th







ARIES- Make your own decisions today and live with the consequences. Actually nothing bad is going to happen at all but you must be prepared to go out on a limb and risk being the odd one out. It's no big deal.

TAURUS- If someone is giving you a hard time then by all means give them a hard time in return. But make sure you get it right as this is one of those days when too much emotion could lead to costly mistakes.

GEMINI- Someone who claims to be one thing is in fact something else entirely. For that reason you are advised to take what they tell you with a large pinch of salt, especially if it sounds too good to be true.

CANCER- Sometimes you are too sensitive for your own good but today you will go to the other extreme. You just cannot be bothered to respond to other people's criticisms. Why should you when you don't care what they think?

LEO- You need to open your eyes and be aware of the trends that are taking shape. Business and financial matters, in particular, could cause a few problems today, so make sure you are in control at all times

VIRGO- Friends and loved ones don't want to do what you want to do, which is frustrating. Compromise is possible but you must be serious about it. If you fail to deliver on what you promise it could cause a rift.

LIBRA- Someone wants to undermine your confidence. Someone wants to make you feel bad about yourself. Don't let them. Keep things in perspective today and, above all, don't let trivial matters, or trivial people, upset you

SCORPIO- Let your feelings show. Let the world know you are vulnerable. For too long you have given the impression that you are as cold as ice. You're not. You know it's an act. It's time other people knew it too.

SAGITTARIUS- Someone has deceived you and, of course, you are not in the least bit happy about it. But no matter how hard done by you feel you must not blow your top. If you do you will only make matters worse.

CAPRICORN- You are trying too hard to live up to what other people expect of you. It's what you expect of yourself that matters, nothing more, nothing less. Be yourself, now and always - it's who you were born to be.

AQUARIUS- You may have made up your mind about a personal matter but you should keep it to yourself for now. The planets indicate that your views will change radically over the next few days, so leave yourself some wriggle room

PISCES- No matter how loudly someone says you are on the wrong track you must ignore them and carry on as before. Even if they are right - and they're not - it doesn't matter. All roads lead to where you need to go