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March 20th






ARIES-You need to expend a little extra energy to get others to feel better — even if it costs you! It’s just one of those days when you can’t focus on your own needs, but the karma is sure to be worth it.


TAURUS- You have to focus on the big picture today — drilling down into the details just can’t help you. Things are good, but only as long as you widen your audience and try to please as many as possible.


GEMINI- You just don’t know what to make of that one person’s ramblings — but don’t panic. The good news is that you can make sense of them eventually, but if you try too hard, misunderstanding is certain.


CANCER- Try to focus all this good energy externally — lots of people need your help, and you can score massive amounts of karma if you go for it. At least one person is unwilling to ask, so poke around.


LEO- Creative energy is flowing today, and you need to deal with the process of turning all these great ideas into workable projects. It may not be as much fun as a party, but it can lead you to great places.


VIRGO- Change is all around you, and while you may not relish it, you know perfectly well that it’s essential to growth and life. Embrace it and you are sure to end up feeling better tonight.


LIBRA- Your day doesn’t exactly go smoothly — but that doesn’t mean it goes badly! Just expect a few more interruptions and distractions than usual. You can handle them, and maybe even have funwith them!


SCORPIO- You feel romantic energy welling up from somewhere deep inside you. This could result in a surprise visit to your sweetie or a new explosion of interest from the hotties all around you.





SAGITTARIUS- You may feel like you’re out of ideas, but they can come from all around you today. Just listen in (‘eavesdropping’ is such an ugly word) on others’ conversations to pick up on new concepts.


CAPRICORN- You feel happy when a friend or family member asks you for assistance today — finally! You’ve been waiting for them to admit to needing help for ages now, and you should be able to set things right quickly.


AQUARIUS-Can you get someone to help you focus today? If not, you may be up a creek, as your energy just isn’t right for staying on any one track for long. That doesn’t have to spell disaster, though!


PISES- Help out around the house or office today — your terrific energy is perfect for getting the group to a better place. You’ve got your own stuff, of course, but teamwork is more your stylefor now.