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March 18th








ARIES- It may annoy you that you have to explain to others how to do something yet again but some people will be slow in mind as well as body today. Be patient. It will be appreciated - and more effective in the long-term.

Taurus- If there is something you feel you have to say then say it immediately. The longer you leave it the more controversy there will be when your words do finally come out. It's an important issue, so speak up

GEMINI- The things you want seem to be coming to you without much of an effort, which is nice, but think how much more you might achieve if you did put yourself out a bit. The world is yours - if you want it.

CANCER- For some reason various people have got it into their heads that you are a bit of a cold fish. Act with compassion and they will see you in a new light. Act as if you don't care and it will confirm their beliefs

LEO- However gloomy your current situation may be it WILL have a happy ending. That may not seem likely right now but before the day is over you will see a glimmer of hope - that will soon be a glaring light.

VIRGO- Once you start on a new course you won't be able to stop, so make sure it's what you really want to be doing. If you have any doubts you should back off a bit. What's the rush? There's always tomorrow.

LIBRA- No sooner is one emergency dealt with than another comes hammering at your door. But that's okay, you will take it all in your stride. Your reputation as a fixer will improve in leaps and bounds today

SCORPIO- Happiness is nothing more than a state of mind, so think pleasant thoughts and most likely you will have a very pleasant day. Those you live and work with will benefit from your positive attitude too.

SAGITTARIUS- Take what your heart tells you on trust today and don't worry about backing it up with facts and figures. You should know by now that if you back your hunches there is every chance they will pay off.

CAPRICORN-The more you worry the more you will give yourself something to worry about. Negative thoughts encourage negative events, so be positive at all times and believe - really believe - that only good things will happen

AQUARIUS-  A friend or work colleague has a lot to say for themselves but if you analyze their words you will come to the conclusion that they are talking nonsense. Don't worry about their feelings: tell them what you think

PISCES- Push money and work worries to the back of your mind where they belong. Family and friendships are what you should be concentrating on now. Is there someone you have not seen much of lately? See them today.