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March 19th





ARIES- If you are determined to make a name for yourself you will. But wait until the Sun moves into your birth sign tomorrow. If you make your move now you could find that a number of little things go wrong.

TAURUS- You appear to be in one of your supremely confident moods, and that's great, but don't forget that bubbles can burst. It might be best not to make too many promises today, to yourself or to other people.

GEMINI- A new phase is about to begin and if you are smart you will pay less attention to work matters and more to friendships. The people you meet over the next few weeks will benefit you in ways you cannot yet imagine.

CANCER- Keep your dreams and schemes private today. You may have some wonderful ideas but what's the point in making them public if you can't do anything with them yet? A little secrecy is no bad thing.

LEO- You may be a bit tense at the moment but over the next day or two it will feel as if you have been born again. Where before you saw doom and gloom you will soon see nothing but hope and joy.

Virgo- You know how to handle yourself in a crisis and that's good because today you will have to use all your courage and all your ingenuity to sort out a difficult, maybe even dangerous, situation. Others are depending on you.

Libra- As the Sun is about to move into your opposite sign there will be times when you don't understand why others think and act the way they do. Don't let it faze you. It takes all sorts to make such an interesting world

Scorpio- There is so much junk and clutter in your life. Time for a clear-out! Take a long, hard look at all the things you own and work out ways you can make a bit more room for yourself. Remember: less means more

Sagittarius- Something wonderful is about to happen - you can feel it in your bones. Your sixth sense tells you that life is about to take a major turn for the better and the more you look forward to having fun the more fun you'll have.

Capricorn- The worst possible thing you can be now is indecisive. What's needed is immediate and forceful action, even if you are not sure what the consequences might be. Don't worry what other people might think - get on with it!

Aquarius- There are quite a few minor disputes taking place at the moment but if you are smart you will ignore them all and get on with what is important to you. Put your own needs first: you can't solve all the world's ills

Pisces- You must be honest about your money situation today, both with yourself and with other people. The Sun's change of signs tomorrow will bring opportunities to improve your cashflow situation, so there's no need to worry