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Horoscopes for March 23rd







ARIES-You need to snap into action and try something really wild and different today — your fierce energy demands it! See if you can get your friends to follow along with you as you have a blast!


TAURUS-You may feel somewhat slowed down today, and that’s just fine — with you, anyway. Make sure that you’re not impeding anyone else’s progress, but don’t feel obligated to speed up.


GEMINI-You need to speak up today — communication is your most effective tool right now, and you need to be at your best. If you keep any ideas or info to yourself, you are sure to regret it.


CANCER- You need to draw on old memories to solve today’s problems. The good news is that you’ve faced something like this before — and there might not be any bad news! Draw deeply on your experience.


LEO- Your amazing mental energy is helping you to absorb all the new data that is coming your way — you’re like a fun-loving computer! It’s a really good time for you to enhance your awareness.


VIRGO- You need to marshal your resources more carefully today — anything could happen, and you don’t want to be caught short in the event of a crisis. Say no to any requests, even from friends.


LIBRA- You and relationships go together like peanut butter and chocolate — perfectly. Today heightens your awareness of how all your various friends and relations are doing, so reach out and strengthen those bonds.


SCORPIO-Now is the perfect time to start up that new business, ask out that new hottie or just pick up a new book and start reading. Your energy is just right for beginnings of all kinds.


SAGITTARIUS- You are feeling greatabout your love life, even if you’re single — it’s just something down deep that makes you realize that it’s all good. Enjoy whatever (and whomever) you’ve got!


CAPRICORN- You stumble across some weird family fact that causes you to rethink things a bit today. It could be some genealogical dirt or just a stray comment that sets you off, but pay attention to it!


AQUARIUS- You are feeling prettyadvanced and forward-thinking today — maybe so much so that others can’t keep up! That’s okay, as your people are all expecting you to blaze trails for them


PISCES- Ever feel like you’re lost in a maze that goes on forever? Today brings that kind of hopeless feeling, but there’s good news — you can practically smell the deliciouscheese waiting for you around the corner.