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Horoscopes for March 27th





ARIES- This is a good time to slow down and take stockbefore making any new advances. Even those at the very top need to take time to absorb their situation and ensure that they can move forward.

TAURUS- Financialtransactions are making life more interesting than usual, so see if you can get yourself back where you need to be (in the black, that is). Things are looking up for you, so keep pushing.

GEMINI- People are reading over your shoulder, kibitzing and generally inserting themselves into your business all day — how irritating! Just make sure you can do what needs to get done before closing yourself away.

CANCER- Familiarity doesn’t have to breed contempt — it can make life quite comfortable, at least for you! Now is the time to relax and do what you like, even if others are pushing to try exciting new things.

LEO- Your social circles are feeling a bit crowded, but they’re actually just stagnating a tiny bit. Now is a good time to start thinking about expanding them and opening up to some new faces.

VIRGO- If you’re on the road, expect good times and great people. If you’re not traveling, now is the best time to plan a vacation trip. You can get greatdealsand you are sure to find willing partners.

LIBRA- Your inner peace is manifesting on the outside today, leading to a calm demeanor and generally good-natured companions. It’s a good time for difficult topics, if there are any that need to be discussed.

SCORPIO- You’re feeling powerful — but so are some other parties. That could make conflict more difficult than expected for everyone, but you should still throw your weight around if need be.

SAGITTARIUS- You feel more obliging today, and that should help you deal with all those demanding people lined up nearby. If anything, you might rack up plenty of karmic and other debtto be cashed in later!

CAPRICORN- Your fidelity — romantic and otherwise — is legendary, and today you find new ways to make it work for you. Of course, it’s not all about gain, but it’s nice to see the good guy winevery now and then.

AQUARIUS- You need to explore more of the world in order to understand your corner of it, and today brings a discovery that could be monumental if you push yourself mentally and physically

PISCES- A new wrinkle makes your love life that much more interesting — though not necessarily more complicated. You may settle into a groove with your current sweetie or find someone new and hot.