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Horoscopes for March 28th






ARIES-You feel fun and flirty today, so make the most of it! Your great energy and enthusiasm should keep others interested, so make sure that you’re engaged and appreciative of those around you.

TAURUS- You can’t be bothered to do things the easy way today — you’d much rather take chances and bet big on risky bets. It’s one of those days when living large might actually pay off for you.

GEMINI- You’re meeting lots of new people today — as long as you’re letting your personal energy be your guide. If you feel stuck, that’s because you’re letting others decide what’s most important for you.

CANCER- This is not a good day to retreat into your shell — you’ve got to make sure that you’re dealing with reality as it stands. Things are looking up for you, but you’ve got to take direct action!

LEO- Try to get your people to work together — this infighting has to stop! Your great social energy and obvious goodwill should help you get others to see that your way is the best.

VIRGO-If you do your best, you are sure to feel goodabout how today goes for you. Just make sure that you’re not second-guessing yourself, as too much mental energy directed inward can trip you up

LIBRA- Your deepest soul needs to come out and express itself, so make sure that you’re dealing with things as they really are. One of your closest friends is a bit clueless about what’s going on with you.

SCORPIO- You’re tempted to go for the gold today — but you are much better off going for the bronze, or even sitting out this round. Watch and learn and you should be in a much better position quite soon.

SAGITTARIUS- You’ve got quite a lot going on today, and that is usually how you like it. Make sure that you’re pretty well organized, as there’s just no way you can keep up with it all if you’re feeling scattered.

CAPRICORN- You should avoid the impulse to deal with other people socially as much as you can — try a terse email or some other way to reach out. Things are sure to get better in the near future.

AQUARIUS- You may find yourself coming closer to a colleague or a friend — but it’s one with whom you already have shared interests. If this heats up, you may find yourself in the romance of the century!

PISCES- You feel stressed out over the smallest stuff today. Things aren’t what they seem, so try to relax and let others help you with the major projects. If you’re on your own, just take it one step at a time