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March 30th







ARIES-You need to clean and organize today — at home, at work or maybe just your car. Things should feel a lot better if you can find a way to clear out some clutter and make room for something new.

TAURUS- You need to tell that one special person how you feel — even if you’ve been together for years! If you’re single with no prospects, it’s a great time for you to reach out, online or in other ways.

GEMINI- You don’t feel like eatingout — or at least paying for it — today. Sometimes you get a bit tight-fisted for reasons that have little to do with your budget, and that’s okay. Just make a sandwich!

CANCER- Start off in a new direction today — you know you’ve got the right kind of energy for it! You can make a dent in almost any project, or even reinvent yourself in some new way.

LEO- You may not know why you do everything you do today — but rest assured that you’re on the right path. Let your unconscious mind be your guide as dream hints and odd symbols keep you moving


VIRGO- Even if you’ve got nothing planned today, you should still seek out the company of others. That could mean riding a crowded train or getting together with old friends. You make the call


LIBRA- You may find it hard to keep up with your conflicting emotions today — even though that’s usually a breeze for you! Just let yourself drift as much as you can and hope for the best

SCORPIO- Try to take today’s conversation to a new place. Your brain needs a good stretch, and the odds are good that those around you can hold up their end of the discussion. Everybody wins!

SAGITTARIUS- You are more focused on people than on projects or ideas today, so make sure that your closest friends and familymembers all know what’s what. Things are looking up for all of you!

CAPRICORN- Your thinking needs a shake-up, and your good personal energy guarantees that your new ideas should make a real difference. Things are looking up, but that doesn’t mean the same old stuff can keep working

AQUARIUS- You need to keep your emotions tightly reined in today — otherwise, things are sure to get weird. If you can find a way to just press forward with your plans despite your mood, all works out for the best.

PISCES- Creativity comes naturally to you on a day like today — it’s easy to see how things fit together, and even easier to dream up new ways of doing things. Make sure you’ve got time for it all!