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April 2nd







ARIES- You’re feeling totally jazzed up and excited over something new today — it may be a new love interest, a new activity at the gym or even a new responsibility at work. Whatever it is, go for it with abandon!

Taurus- Try not to get too involved in your office or neighborhood power struggles today — though it may be tough to resist getting drawn in! At least you can hold your own, if need be.


GEMINI- Your big brain is working in overdrive today — all that energy may heat up your forehead! It’s a good time to tackle big puzzles or problems that have plagued you for a long time.


CANCER- Remember to take care of your long-term goals today — it can get way too easy to trip yourself up in the details of day-to-day life. Make some progress, and take time to celebrate it.


LEO- Let yourself get more worked up than usual when people try to step on your plans — you can make a real difference if you just exhibit some of that famous stubbornness! Stand firm.


VIRGO- Try not to be so stubborn today — that sometimes serves you well, but for now, flexibility is key. At least one person in your life deserves your complete attention, too.


LIBRA- Details are unimportant right now, so just focus on your big-picture goals and see if you can make them come to life. You should have some help from a friend, though it does come with a price.


SCORPIO- Keep a careful eye out for your own weird behavior today — it’s entirely likely that you can stop yourself before making a big mistake! You may feel a bit removed, but that is for the best.


SAGITTARIUS- Try not to let your good mood spoil anyone else’s gloom — though you may not be able to help it. Your amazing energy is perfect for lifting spirits and cheering the seemingly hopeless.


CAPRICORN- People are lined up around the block to get your attention and ask for favors. It may start to get irritating after a while, but you can handle it — just make sure that you’re at least reasonably polite.


AQUARIUS- You are learningfrom almost everything around you today — it’s like the world is your laboratory and you are a hard-working scientist! It’s a great day to try new things and see how they work.


PISCES- Try your best not to get swept away by the drama that surrounds you today. If you involve yourself, you may lose an opportunity to take care of something that is deeply personal