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March 22nd







ARIES- You may not think of yourself as a peacemaker but you will certainly be the one who calms things down today. Maybe it's because you believe in justice, but whatever the reason you will do your utmost to negotiate a truce.

TAURUS- If you are convinced that what you are doing is right then what others think or say about it is irrelevant. Since when have you been the type to ask other people for permission? Do what has to be done.

GEMINI- No one lives in isolation and what takes place over the next few hours will confirm that fact in a rather nice way. Just when you thought you were struggling all on your own you discover you have genuine friends.

CANCER- Someone in authority will look favorably on you today and you must take advantage of it. If you can work your way into a position where you can showcase your many talents. That "someone in authority" could soon be you.

LEO- Everything looks right with your world at the moment and with Venus moving in your favor today whatever you turn your hand to will work out just fine. That is if you can be bothered to make an effort!

VIRGO- Because you have been proved right yet again you may find it hard to be modest today but try not to be too self-congratulatory. If you boast too long or too loudly someone may try to burst your bubble.

LIBRA- If you maintain a positive attitude over the next 24 hours there is a real chance that at least one of your fantasies will become a reality. Let's hope your heart is in good condition - the shock could be too much!

SCORPIO-Some of your friends may not have been supportive of late but that does not mean they are turning against you. On the contrary, they are still very much on your side, it's just that they've been too busy to help

SAGITTARIUS- With Venus joining the Sun in your fellow Fire sign of Aries today you are clearly flavor of the month. Both in your private life and at work be the very best you can be, and the world will love you for it.

CAPRICORN- Don't be afraid to tell others what you think today, but wrap it up, as far as you can, in a thick layer of sugar coating. They will appreciate the fact that you took the trouble to avoid hurting their feelings.

AQUARIUS- According to the planets you are reluctant to get too involved in a situation that you fear could be emotionally traumatic. You are right to keep your distance but don't cut yourself off altogether. Be available if a crisis occurs

PISCES- Venus, planet of emotional and material values, leaves your birth sign today, but that is not a cause for despair. In fact it could have very good results financially. You certainly need to replenish your bank account.