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April 3rd








ARIES- Like everyone, you need regular exercise to stay healthy. Unlike everyone, though, you can find new ways to enjoy it or make a game out of it. Your energy is just right for getting some cardio in now.


TAURUS- Try not to show off too much, or assume that you know more than the people you’re talking to (well, unless you’re a teacher). Folks are on the lookout for any signs of pomposity, and it’s swiftly punished.


GEMINI- You’ve got opinions, just like everyone else. Unlike most others, though, you are prepared to defend them at the drop of a hat, and today brings a great opportunity to argue with another strong mind.


CANCER- You may feel like showing off for your peers today — it’s easy and fun! There shouldn’t be a downside, either, as long as you pay attention to them while they blow their own horns as well.


LEO- You rack up a big win of some kind today — one that calls attention to your best features and keeps you smiling for the rest of the day. At least one person needs to let you know how much they admire you.


VIRGO- Your fervent desire to assist others is making your life a little tougher — but it’s well worth it! Lend a hand to that total stranger or estranged relative and watch as karma clears your path.

LIBRA- Your best friends are eager for your company today, so make sure that they get some of your love. One needs a favor, but is too shy to ask, so see if you can cajole them into spilling the beans.

SCORPIO- You need a challenge today — good thing one’s coming! In fact, you may have to choose between several that arrive at the same time, so make sure you’ve got your resources all together.

SAGITTARIUS- Listen up — someone has an important message for you, and it could actually be life-changing if you are in the right place for it. Things are all set to really take off today.

CAPRICORN- People are acting like sharks today — constantly hunting and attacking! Do your best to hide out, and only fight back if you must, as the situation is not really working to your benefit just yet.

AQUARIUS- You feel the most extraordinary rush of positive energy today — though it comes at a cost. You may find that you have to work on projects that are only helping others instead of furthering your aims.

PISCES- You have a hard time pleasing employers — and potential employers — today, so make sure that you’re keeping to yourself as much as possible and maybe just polishing up your resume or applying yourself in other ways.