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Horoscopes for April 4th







ARIES- Your instinct to let others know what they’ve done wrong is better left alone today — almost nobody is ready to hear about their failings yet. Wait until they can see the results for themselves!

TAURUS- It’s time to head out and have some fun — try a concert or some other musical activity like a dance club. Your energy is just right for grooving along with the beats and harmonies that fill your soul.


GEMINI- Try to catch up on email or anything else that is getting backed up. Communication is key, and your energy is great for small tasks and clearing away to-do lists. Write your grandma back.


CANCER- You can find new ways of expressing your innermost feelings today — and, better still, people are ready to hear you out! It’s a good day for you to communicate with those who need to hear the word.


LEO- You need to deal with your finances today — in one way or another. Things are good, of course, but they could always be better, and if you crawl a little further out of debt or make a smart investment, you’re golden.

VIRGO- You feel more organized than usual today, so make sure that you’re using that great energy to do great things. It could be time to rethink your approach to storage or to clear out old projects.


LIBRA-Life gets somewhat overwhelming today, so see if you can outsmart it — or just hide away for a while! Things should start to get much, much better by this time tomorrow. Wait it out.


SCORPIO-  A good friend needs to know what’s really going on, so fill them in as you piece together the details yourself. Your mental energy is just right for picking up on subtle clues — make a game out of it!

SAGITTARIUS- Slow down and get things done today — you know you can do it, as long as you avoid the temptation to cut corners or skip steps. Your good energy is sure to return as soon as you’ve made some progress.


CAPRICORN- Look more deeply into today’s big situation — your mental energy is just right for research of all kinds. It may take longer than you think, but that just means you’re getting better quality information.


AQUARIUS- Your emotions are more grounded than usual today, so make sure that your energy is moving in that direction. You may find that you can reconnect with someone who was close to you once.


PISCES- You have got to get to the bottom of today’s big mystery: Who are you really dealing with? This is the time to ask big questions and make sure that you’re getting the answers you deserve