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Horoscopes for April 6th







ARIES- Try to put aside your own needs for one day — you can do much more good if you externalize all this energy! Consider it an investmentor something even bigger, and you should do just fine.

TAURUS- A colleague (or maybe a customer) needs your time today, so make sure to give them what they need. It’s easier than usual for you to help them take care of their worries and concerns.

GEMINI- You are finding it easier than ever to start new projects — your energy is perfect for it! The only problem is, you tend to lose interest halfway through, which could cause some stress if you don’t let go.

CANCER- It’s tempting to slide into torpor today — you need to step up and take action soon! Your energy is a little out of sync with the rest of the world, but that can lead to good things if you push it.

LEO- Charge up your love life — any dating tonight is sure to yield something hot! Your energy is just right for making connections and seeing what can come of your own deepest self.


VIRGO- You don’t know what’s going on today, and that means you’re not nearly as decisive as usual. It’s a good time for you to slow down, think things through, and wait for a better day.

LIBRA- You should try to bump up your love life — it’s got a life of its own, but you can make almost anything better today! Someone needs to hear how you really feel about them, and pronto.


SCORPIO- You should find that giving up is easier than winning — and actually better for you! All that energy can be used on more important projects, and this win is sure to have been hollow anyway.


SAGITTARIUS- Does anyone know how you really feel? Now is a good time for you to step up and let them know — but try to be diplomatic. Your desires can come to life, but only if you know how to ask.

CAPRICORN- Your cultural leanings are making life much more interesting, and you may find that you feel better in a museum or making art yourself than doing almost anything else. Put aside the spreadsheets!

AQUARIUS- Your social life needs some sincerity — at least one genuine connection is required. You need to find at least one person who can understand where you’re coming from. It isn’t that hard!

PISCES- You may be over-thinking something today — especially if you feel wronged. Just let it slide, if possible, or seek redress as directly as possible. There’s no need for double-reverse psychology!