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Horoscopes for April 9th







ARIES- Try not to push those stray thoughts out of mind today  you’ve got some heavy emotional business to take care of now, and the only way you can make that happen is if you follow every lead.

TAURUS- Your intense emotions are wreaking havoc with your demeanor — but they do have hidden positive consequences. You may not realize for some time, but someone likes what they see quite a bit.

GEMINI- Try to help a friend today they could use a hand, and you can use the good karma. It’s one of those days when your energy is better spent externally, taking care of whomever needs it the most.

CANCER- You feel pretty nutty right now but at your core, you know everything is okay. It’s one of those days when you should be able to get stuff done even in the middle of all the chaos!

LEO- What’s really happening today? You can trust that you can’t see it at first glance, but that just means you know for sure to look for clues. One person near you isn’t as good at keeping secrets as they should be

VIRGO- You can’t keep this secret to yourself — you need to speak out soon! It’s one of those days when people are more likely to take even the biggest news with a measure of restraint, so go for it.

LIBRA-It’s one of those days when you need to go all-out in every endeavor. It’s easier for you to deal with things that are up close and personal, so make sure you are fully committed to taking care of this stuff.

SCORPIO-You are going through some pretty serious emotional business now, but the outcome is almost certain to be positive for you. See if you can extend some of that energy to friends and loved ones.

SAGITTARIUS-Your unconscious mind is working hard today, which could cause some interesting, possibly amusing, side effects. If you start seeing things that aren’t there, it’s time for a serious rest!

CAPRICORN-Think about what’s going on in your life. It could be that you need to step up your efforts, or that you need to step back and let life work its magic. Meditation can help.

AQUARIUS-Your working life is much on your mind today. It may be that you need to switch career paths, or maybe you just need to deal with a little glitch at work that only you can handle


PISCES- Try not to work too hard on any project that you don’t feel totally engaged in, as you don’t feel right unless you’re giving it your all today. Find something that enthuses you and you are sure to succeed!