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Horoscopes for April 10th






ARIES- Your fiery energy is pushing you in a new direction today — be sure you’re ready for it! You might meet up with a new person or try a new activity, but in one way or another, you are changing for the better!

TAURUS- You need to deal with a hyperactive subconscious today — it may be that you can’t get a tune out of your head, or that you need a break from constant daydreams. A good friend can help.

GEMINI- Try not to fall back on your old ways today — you need to keep moving if you want to succeed! It’s all too easy to rely on what was true for you many years ago, but it’s braver to forge ahead.

CANCER- You need to deal with someone whose idea of service may involve you taking care of them. You’re not into one-way relationships, though, so let them know how it has to be for you.

LEO- Your living, breathing energy is amplified today, and should help you make sense of some issues that have been bugging you, maybe for years. It’s easier than usual to let go of things.

VIRGO- Try to go with the flow today — it’s much easier and more effective than struggling against the currents of fate. You may not control where you end up, but relax and believe it’ll be somewhere good.

LIBRA- You’ve got some great ideas for how to handle things today — and tomorrow, and for the rest of the year. Your mental energy keeps you fresh and feeling positive, so try to keep it up!

SCORPIO- Something smells fishy today — so back away. Not everything that glitters is worth its weight in gold, and you need to be extra wary at a time like this, when someone else is in a position of dominance.

SAGITTARIUS- You have more confidence than ever today — so live like it! Make that play at work, ask out that super-fox or see if you can get that high score down at the pinball place. Your energy is unstoppable!

CAPRICORN- You feel pretty good about your situation, though you couldn’t say why exactly. It’s just an unconscious insight that you can get more done than usual, and it’s working for you. Don’t question it!

AQUARIUS- You need to increase the size of your group. It could be at work, in your neighborhood or online, but new members are vital. Someone comes your way that you just can’t turn away!

PISCES- Try to say as little as possible today — and to think hard before every word. It’s too easy to spill secrets or to offend delicate sensibilities today, and if you don’t want to do that, self-editing is essential