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March 27th







ARIES- There is no point trying to convince people who don't want to be convinced. The only way you can win round those who doubt you is by practicing what you preach and hoping they like what they see.

TAURUS- There may be a pile of work that needs to be done but does it have to be done immediately? Of course not. Let others rush here, there and everywhere if they want to. Stay calm and make today a day of relaxation

GEMINI- You probably don't care in the slightest that not everyone approves of your motives or methods. That's fine as far as it goes but don't antagonize people for the sake of it. Haven't you got enough problems already?

CANCER- Both career and family matters may be under heavy influences at the moment but in a matter of days you will realize there was precious little to really be worried about. A sense of humor is a must

LEO- Travel plans may not run smoothly today and although you may take delays in your stride other people will get hot under the collar. Make things easier for yourself, and others, by not making last minute changes

VIRGO- Today's full moon may have you behaving in irrational ways, so wait a day or two before making important decisions. Do something positive, something you enjoy. Try not to give yourself too much time to think.

LIBRA- More than likely you will find yourself at odds with loved ones and if you get through the day with no blazing rows you will have done very well indeed. If not, don't worry, it will all soon be forgotten.

SCORPIO- With the right attitude all things are possible. With the wrong attitude even the smallest of problems seems insurmountable. Keep that thought in mind and you will find it easier to smile and get through the day.

SAGITTARIUS- You are acutely aware of injustice but sometimes you see injustice where it does not in fact exist. Be careful what causes you get involved in today because your emotions may be a little bit off-center

CAPRICORN- You know what you like and you really don't care if no one else on the planet agrees with you. You may face considerable opposition today but in a strange way it will energize you. It's Capricorn against the world!

AQUARIUS- Why do so many people you don't like insist on getting close to you? Maybe it's because your subconscious is attracting them. Or maybe they're in the mood for a fight. Either way there will be ructions today

PISCES- Don't jump to conclusions today or you could spend the rest of the week apologizing for something you should never have said. It may look as if someone is behaving in anti-social ways but looks can be deceiving.