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Horoscopes for April 11th






ARIES- Try something a little different today. It may be a visit to a gallery, a serenade by musicians you’ve never heard before or a stroll down unfamiliar streets, but you need to broaden your cultural horizons.

TAURUS- You are thinking deep thoughts and possibly hitting new insights today — make sure you’re getting all this down! Expect to make at least one breakthrough that relates to work or travel.

GEMINI- You can’t get anywhere by preaching today — try to just keep it low-key and hope others will see your point of view. It may be frustrating, but not as much as ranting to bored listeners!

CANCER- You need to take care of yourself today — nobody else can quite scratch that itch. It may feel weird turning away from your people but you know it’s not going to be forever. Take care of yourself!

LEO- You need to be the grown-up in a certain situation today — but it’s easy! It may surprise you how well you handle this problem, but you’ve got the right kind of energy to make it work!

VIRGO- Try to push yourself even harder than usual today — you’ve got a lot to do, and it might end up getting ahead of you if you can’t maintain irondiscipline. It’s not as hard as you fear it might be


LIBRA- You can get across even the most complicated ideas today — so don’t be shy about opening up communication channels. It’s a good time for you to ask big questions and try to get big answers


SCORPIO- You don’t see yourself as someone who’s easily led around, but today, you need to watch out for people with silver tongues. It may not lead anywhere bad, but you do like to be in charge


SAGITTARIUS- Your friends are by your side, so make sure that you show your appreciation. It’s easier than ever, as you should have a golden opportunity to shower them with praise and/or gifts

CAPRICORN- Your idealism is making a splash today. It’s a really good time for you to show your friends new possibilities — things can be so much better, but only if you work to make them so.

AQUARIUS-You are more connected than you may realize, and you should do what you can to maintain that network. Your great social energy is perfect for building bridges and for helping friends find each other


PISCES- You need to keep a lid on it. That could mean calling in sick or going on an email vacation, but you need to avoid the temptation to speak out today, as something you say could cause a big problem