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April 13th







ARIES- You have got to take a rest today — otherwise, you’re likely to burn out! Good energy is sure to come back to you, but wouldn’t it be better to use it to do cool things rather than just heal up damage done today?

TAURUS- You can see more deeply into today’s big issues and problems. That could mean that you’re developing new insights, or it could mean that you can tell that something actually isn’t as bad as it appears on the surface.

GEMINI- Try to get a handle on your latest big idea — but do it in a practical way. The only way you can figure out whether it will work is to try it out, maybe as a first step or trial program.

CANCER- Watch out for others who may misinterpret your simplest comments today. It’s not your fault — their energy just forces them to see things from odd angles, and you may have to backtrack to make things right.

LEO- Your ego is just getting in the way today, so either leave it behind or find some other way to ignore its whiny demands. You can tell that this phase is a short one, so it shouldn’t be too painful.

VIRGO- You have to balance the critical and the creative today —so make sure that you’re showing folks a little of both sides. If you can help it, try to show someone a new way of doing whatever it is they are doing wrong.

LIBRA- Your authority may be running out today — but it is sure to recharge soon! Just make sure you’re not wasting time and energy trying to herd cats, as you’re better off doing things on your own.

SCORPIO- You need to deal with some messy issue by shaking up the people involved and putting yourself first in some way. It’s not easy, but you can tackle the toughest jobs without any worries.

SAGITTARIUS- This is not a good time for you to spend money, even if you feel flush. You’re just not going to get the best deal you could, and nobody hates buyer’s remorse as much as you do. Wait until tomorrow!

CAPRICORN- A new accomplishment is yours for the taking today — if you want it. See if you can get your people to recognize your good work, and make sure that you’re not just assuming things will go your way in the future.

AQUARIUS- If someone comes looking for volunteers, you know what to day — keep that head down! Your energy is better spent on things that could be seen as selfish, but is actually aimed at helping the world

PISCES- You can fall back on colleagues — or old work buddies, maybe — to get you through today’s weird mess. You may end up in a much better position when all is said and done, actually, so enjoy it!