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March 29th






ARIES- With the Sun linked to Uranus, planet of changes, in your sign you have no excuses: you know what must be done and you know you must do it immediately. So what are you waiting for? Get busy.

TAURUS- Certain aims may be a long way from fulfillment but the more you think about them the more likely it is they will work out the way you desire. One day you will be thought of as an "overnight success".

GEMINI- Talk with people whose opinions differ quite radically from your own. There are things you can teach them and there are things they can teach you. Open your mind to new ideas and new possibilities.

CANCER- If you need the support of important people don't be afraid to ask. Cosmic activity in the career area of your chart means they will gladly assist you. But how will they know what you want unless you tell them?

LEO- Good ideas will come easy to you today and one idea in particular will intrigue you to such an extent that it may become an obsession. Be aware, however, that obsessions can become dangerous. .

VIRGO- Don't say something just because you think it is what other people want to hear. According to the planets they would rather you told them an honest but painful truth than hear a lie that makes them feel good.

LIBRA- It is more important than ever that you communicate with partners and loved ones and leave no room for misunderstanding. If you've had some kind of falling out then get over it and be the one to apologize.

SCORPIO- The planets warn that whatever it is you are working on at the moment you must take your time, even if there is a deadline looming. If you move too fast too soon it could go wrong in spectacular fashion

SAGITTARUS- The Sun's link to Uranus in the most dynamic area of your chart today suggests you have no reason to be careful or tactful - and every reason to take some kind of risk. Life is an adventure or it is nothing.

CAPRICORN- You may find it hard to persuade people that your arguments are sound, which is annoying because you know you are right. Don't push too hard. Does it really matter if they believe you or not?

AQUARIUS- If someone you live or work with makes a mess of something important today don't make a big scene. Today's Sun-Uranus link means there are more important, and more personal, matters you should be looking at.

PISCES- You may be faced with a daunting task but there is no reason why you should not make a complete success of it. Don't think you are up to the task physically? It doesn't matter it's your mind that counts.